• I Have A Judegement And Final Charging Order From The County Court. I Am The Claimant. What Forms Do I Need To Register This On The Land Registry? Is It Just A UN1 From, Or Do I Need A Restriction Form Aswell?

    By Guest on 09th Feb 2018

    I want to make sure and protect my debt to make sure it is paid before transfer. I think it should be registered as a Unilateral Notice as the debtor owns the property outright without any trust and I have a CCJ proving the debt. Do I also need an added Restriction form? if so which letter form?

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    By Guest on 09/02/2018

    Charges are generally registered at the Land Registry by submitting the original charge and a copy to the Land Registry with form AP1, charges usually contain a restriction when it is from a bank, in this type of scenario restriction Form N could be used.

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  • By Guest on 09/02/2018

    I sent an Ap1 form and a copy of the order. (But I also included a CH1 form) they wrote back to me saying the CH1 form was the wrong form. So I need to know what other form I need to send with the Ap1. Maybe its just a UN1 form? But i'm not sure.

  • By Guest on 09/02/2018


    Have a read of this guidance a UN1 maybe appropriate.

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