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    By Guest on 07th Mar 2016


    I am purchasing a leasehold property from a developer. One thing that is outstanding from the vendor's solicitors is a copy of the freehold title out of which the lease will be transferring. The freehold title is in the landowner's name, has not been officially transferred to the developer.The contract stipulates that the vendor will procure the title and that will not serve notice for completion without the relevant authority from the landowner. I have been told by the developer that the copy of copy of the freehold title out of which the lease will be transferring is not necessary to exchange and they have exchange contracts on a number of other properties in my block without it. Please can you advise if that is correct?

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    By Guest on 16/03/2016

    You will need to see the freehold title before you proceed but it does not necessarily have to be in the sellers' name on exchange as long as you will receive the relevant undertakings from the sellers' solicitors to provide the necessary documents on completion

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