• Buying A Property With A Registered Notice

    By Guest on 09th Jan 2018

    WE are buying a property, but our conveyancer has unearthed a notice from 1972 stating that within 1 calendar month of the date on which this notice takes effect to discontinue use of the buildings for the purpose of selling on a retail basis fruit and vegetables not grown on the premises and to restore the land and buildings to their condition before the development took place.
    The house we are buying is a 5 bed detached property that used to be the original farm house before the other 30 houses were built around it making it a village. Our conveyancer is advising that we cannot proceed until we have evidence that this notice is closed and the local authority are satisfied. but the current vendors disnt have any knowledge of this as they have only been in the property 18 years. I have asked for a risk assessment from our conveyancer and it has come back as 'medium' but that is all they will tell us and insist we can't proceed without closing this out. Can anybody give any advice on this as I cannot see how this will have any effect on us purchasing this property and I don't understand the risk we would be under if we proceed with this notice still active.
    Many thanks in advance, PJ.

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