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    By Guest on 02nd Mar 2016

    i am transferring my half of property to my husband as I live in ireland now and he still lives there with our daughter and her family and it is been left as a family home. i just wanted to know what to put on form when it says about monies changing hands as it wont be at this time but could be in the future when it is possible?

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    By Guest on 06/03/2016

    If you are gifting the property now then you need to choose option 2. If you have agreed that he will pay you money in future then you should declare it on the transfer as if it is being paid now. If there are no firm arrangements for payment then you will have to declare it as a gift but beware that 1. This may prejudice your right to claim payment in future and 2. If payment is made in future your husband may be liable for stamp duty

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