• Property Purchased Back In September 2005, But It Has Just Come To Light That The Title Transfer Was Not Completed.

    By Guest on 01st Mar 2016

    I purchased a property back in September 2005, but it has just come to light that the title transfer was not completed.

    I have filled out an AP1 today and have found an unsigned copy of the TR2 that was received from the vendor’s (repossession company)conveyancer back in 2005. I cannot find a TR2 that has been signed by the vendor; is it likely that vendor’s conveyancer would have sent the signed copy directly to the Land Registry?

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    By Guest on 02/03/2016


    No, they would have sent it to your solicitor. You should contact the solicitor that acted for you. They may not.have the file still as they only have to retain it for six years but if you can prove they acted for you (by providing copies of correspondence for example) they should still help you resolve it

  • By Guest on 02/03/2016


    Thanks for your reply.

    I have to confess that I did the conveyancing myself (very poorly it would appear!) back in 2005.

    I have written to the vendor’s Solicitor who handled the sale back then, to try to get signed copy of the TR2, but I have not yet received a reply and I note from your comments that as it has been longer than 6 years, that they may not be able to help….

    I am trying to update the title register because we have received an offer for the sale of the house - would you have any suggestion as to how I could progress, if I cannot get a copy of the TR2 that has been signed by the 2005 vendor?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  • By Guest on 06/03/2016

    You might try contacting the lender if you get nowhere with the solicitor. Contact their securities department. Ultimately you may need to enforce the transfer through the courts, in which case you will need a solicitor.

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