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    By Guest on 30th Nov 2015

    Hi I am doing my own conveyancing when selling my house to my daughter but I have been told I need to go to a conveyancer to get an ID1 certified which defeats the object of doing it myself. Is this correct and how much should I expect to pay for one doing? thanks

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    By Guest on 02/12/2015

    Yes, correct. Or go to a Land Registry office for free - appointment only.
    I just had 2 ID,s done at local solicitor for £20. Another quoted £180. Ring round.

  • By Guest on 03/12/2015

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. Yes I called in at 2 solicitors yesterday , one said £5 per document and the other said £20 plus vat each. So I am relieved now as the purchasers (my daughter) solicitor was outraged that I should be doing my own legal work and made it very clear she was not going to helpful at all.It was just the ID1 forms that threw me. thanks again.

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