• Exchange And Completion Using Formula A, What Do I Need To Do?

    By Guest on 03rd Jan 2016

    I am doing my own conveyancing as selling house to my daughter.her solicitor has been very unhelpful.We are at a stage where she says we can exchange and complete using Formula A, meaning I don't need to go to her office. What should I expect and what if anything do I need to do.Do i just answer the phone to her on completion day?

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    By Guest on 14/01/2016

    Under formula a the buyers solicitor send his client signed contract to the sellers solicitor together with the deposit cheque. The seller's solicitor then telephones the buyers solicitor to do the exchange. In this case I suspect the buyers solicitor is proposing a reverse formula a where you send your signed contract to him and he telephones you to exchange and does not send the deposit until completion.

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