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    By Guest on 16th Jan 2015

    I have gone past the completion of sale and I am now registering the property. It seems the vendors solicitor did not date the deed of assignment. I have contacted said solicitor and they told me that the purchaser solicitor dates said doc. Of course there is no purchaser solicitor so do i date it can i back date it does a new one have to be written,,, the apartment is in ireland

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    By Guest on 19/01/2015


    This site deals only with the law in England and Wales. Ireland (both the north and the republic) has its own legal system and the "English" answer may be entirely different to the "Irish" answer, however in England it would be fine for you to date the deed with the date of actual completion (though the custom in England is for the seller/seller's solicitor to date it before sending it on to the buyer.

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