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    By Guest on 17th Dec 2015


    I am filling in form RX1 on my own (a restriction notice on the matrimonial house which is on the name of my husband). We are going to live in Qatar for a few years as he found a job there. Divorce procedures there are very easy and quick and the wife gets just a maintenance. I am worried that he could delay me being notified of the divorce and quickly sends a translated divorce certificate to the Land Registry in the UK to remove the notice I registered on the matrimonial house a few years ago. So I think by registering a restriction notice, he can not dispose the house before the Land Registry let me know and I ask a lawyer to issue a case to claim my financial stake in house.

    I thought first of placing a Unilateral Notice but as I understand, it would not prevent him from selling the house or transferring it to his brother name.

    I was just wondering, if it would be possible if you would advise if form RX! is the right one for the purpose I want and if you just take a look at section 9 (The wording of the restriction) which I have drafted and improve it, how much would you charge?


    Dalia Heiba

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    By Guest on 17/12/2015

    could you please remove this post of mine from here.

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