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    By Guest on 06th Jan 2015

    Good Morning,

    We have recently sold our house to a property developer. The sale completed on the 19th December and he has today contacted the estate agent to request we book and pay for a skip to remove some items of furniture left in the property.

    Are we legally obliged to do anything now the sale is complete and 3 weeks have passed?

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    By Guest on 06/01/2015

    Prior to exchange of contracts you should have completed a Fixtures, Fittings and Contents Form in which you should have set out what items you were removing and what you were leaving. This then form part of the contract and you are liable to leave those items you said you were leaving and take those you said you were taking. Furthermore one of the questions on the property information form which you also should have completed asks you to confirm you will remove any items that you have not said you will be leaving. Assuming you have confirmed this and have subsequently left items which you have not said on the F&F you are leaving you are probably in breach of contract and liable to pay or risk being sued, but you should speak to your conveyancer about it.

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