DIY Conveyancing / General

  • How to Find Solicitors

    How to Find Solicitors

    Whether you are selling or buying your property in England and Wales, you'll probably need to find solicitors to deal with the conveyancing. Most of us have little or no contact with the law in our daily lives so the idea of having to find solicitors...

  • Legal Indemnity Insurance

    Legal Indemnity Insurance

    What is legal indemnity insurance? Legal indemnity insurance is obtained in order to offer protection to a buyer (and a lender) where there is a defect in the title which cannot be resolved. In theory indemnity insurance should only be used as a last...

  • Useful Transfer Clauses

    Useful Transfer Clauses

    The transfer deed, which is the document that needs to be presented to the land registry in order to register a change of ownership of land, now comes in one of four standard forms (TR1, TR2, TP1 or TP2). It is sometimes necessary however to add addi...

  • Planning Permission

    Planning Permission

    Introduction to Planning Permission The conveyancer has a duty when acting for a lender, in accordance with the CML handbook, to ensure that all necessary planning permissions and building regulations approvals have been obtained in respect of the co...

  • Notices and Restrictions

    Notices and Restrictions

    What is a Notice? A notice is an entry which appears in the Charges Register (with the exception of a Bankruptcy Notice) of the Official Copies and which protects the priority of a third party interest in the property against the affect of a "disposi...