• What Ids And Searches Are When Recieving Money As A Gift For Buying A House

    By Guest on 31st Dec 2015

    i need advice please before i go ahead, ive seen a house i want that didnt sell at auction due it it not meeting the reserve, the vendor wants 75k
    my dad said he will buy me the house my writing me a cheque/s to that amount i need to know if he can gift it that way, and does he have to send his bank statements in showing its from savings? and will he have to write a letter saying he is gifting me the money and will have no claim on the propery? does he have to see the solicitor in person? as the conveyacers are no where near where we live hope that is not necessary
    what about id? my dad does not have a passport nor driving liscence only bank statements and utility bills
    i want the house deeds to me in my maiden name, my divorce is notthrough yet so any id checks on me will have my amrried name and aslo my debit card has my prevoius married name on, i never got round to changing it
    do i have to post my passport/utility bill too a conveyancer?
    whats is the best and quickest way to do all this please without causing to much work no mortgage cash buyer some savings and i won some money at the bookies in cash i cannot prove that, only show my bank statements
    as its an auction property i would have to pay a deposit and exchage on the day, no survey has been done, must complete and move in within 28 days
    please help

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