• Transfer Of Portion Of Portionof Property From Joint Into Sole Name

    By Guest on 13th Jan 2016

    I own a property in joint names with my husband. He wantsw me to sign over to him a large portion of the property as a gift into his sole name. The property is freehold and has no mortage. The property is covered by a 106 agreement. What is required to be done according to UK property law in order to effect this transfer. The property is in the UK. Who should be involved and what papers and documents are required by law to be provided.

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    By Guest on 13/01/2016


    You say the property is in the UK but is it in England/Wales? The law is different in other parts of the UK. If so then provided you will be retaining part of the property there will be no change to the legal title but rather you would need to draw up a trust deed showing that you agree to hold the equity on trust for eachThere other in whatever shares you agree to hold. If you are currently joint tenants you will need to sever the joint tenancy by submitting form SEV to Land Registry. There is no set form to use and you should probably instruct a solicitor.

  • By Guest on 18/01/2016

    This property was the larger portion removed from the original deed and was transferred in Malawi. The forms appera to have been witnessed by a Malawian resident. I have no knowledge of this transaction and cannot understand how a UK solicitor can process such documents when I have never instructed a solicitor now received legal advice or support. This has to be serious fraud with someone forging my signature

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