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    By Guest on 09th Jan 2016

    Ho can a Potentially Exempt Transfer that has not been registered with the Land Register be reversed

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    By Guest on 09/01/2016

    Once the transfer has been executed (signed and witnessed by the transferor) and delivered to the transferee then it cannot legally be "reversed". Of course the transferee could transfer it back but this would not mean the original transfer hadn't happened. This assumes that the transfer wasn't fraudulent. If it was then there may be a remedy.

  • By Guest on 09/01/2016

  • By Guest on 10/01/2016

    Many thanks for your answer. You have clarified something that our solicitor has been too unhelpful to explain!

    Am I right in thinking that a conveyance is a 2 stage process - (i) TR1 form signed (I assume this is the transfer) and then (ii) registration ?

  • By Guest on 13/01/2016

    Yes however although there is a requirement to register the transfer it takes legal effect from the point it is signed and delivered

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