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    By Guest on 06th Jan 2016

    We are a group of residents who own our houses. There are 12 houses in a cul de sac and we have received information that one of the residents in selling their property to a prospective HMIO buyer. We have prepared a letter and hand delivered this to the seller for onward transmission to the buyer before an exchange of Contracts. Is the seller legally obliged to forward this to the buyer? Also is the Estate Agent legally obliged to send a copy to the buyer?

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    By Guest on 07/01/2016

    Neither the seller nor the.estate agent has any obligation to you however the seller may be obliged to disclose it to the buyer depending on what it says and what right you have to object to the use of the property as a HMO (I assume it is a letter of objection.
    This doesn't particularly help you though as if the seller does have a duty to the buyer to disclose your letter and doesn't then this merely gives the buyer (potentially) the right to sue the seller

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