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    By Guest on 05th Feb 2016

    I've bought a house and taken lack of building regulation indemnity insurance as there was a load bearing wall in living room and chimney breast removed without any paperwork years ago. We would like to have another small part of different living room wall removed to make kitchen/dinner open plan. Could I make a building regulation application? I am worried if the controller comes around he will ask about the previous work that was done (chimney breast/wall). Will I breach the condition of the indemnity policy - draw attention to the work that was done?

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    By Guest on 28/02/2016

    Yes this would potentially breach the terms of the insurance but that doesn't mean it's wise to do the new work with having it inspected. If you haven't already done so get an expert to look at the old work. If it ok then there is no reason for the inspector to initiate any enforcement action and if it isn't ok then it needs fixing regardless of any potential enforcement action

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