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    By Guest on 24th Jan 2016

    Having bought a house in August, my daughter has been advised that her central heating has been installed incorrectly and the boiler does not have a serial number (it appears to have been removed), plus the electrical wiring is incorrect too. What recourse does she have to the vendor and how can she go about getting compensation for the extra cost of putting right all the problems please?

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    By Guest on 25/01/2016


    You will need to check what questions.were asked about the boiler and what answers were given. Ultimately though the principle of "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) applies in these situations therefore there is no duty on the seller to volunteer information if the buyer doesn't ask. If theseLer knew there was a problem and expressly stated there wasn't then that is misrepresentation and your daughter may be able to sue. If the seller didn't know however or wasn't asked then I'm afraid your daughter may have no recourse

  • By Guest on 26/01/2016

    Thank you for your reply. However, unless the buyer specifically suspects the central heating system of being incorrectly installed, or the electrical wiring to have been done incorrectly and potentially unsafe, how would the buyer know to ask about such things? Additionally, as these latent defects were incurred while the seller owned the house (and they were) and thus the seller was fully aware of them, merely "not mentioning" this on the Seller Information Form is misleading at least and potentially fraudulent, isn't it? Surely, just because my daughter didn't ask if the installation of the boiler was done to the correct building regulations and was it done by a CORGI registered fitted (which iy absolutely was NOT), then it doesn't follow that she has no recourse to the seller, does it?

  • By Guest on 26/01/2016

    I'm afraid it does. Any buyer has the option of having a full survey, electrical inspection and central heating/boiler service carried out prior to exchange and really should do, just as you wouldn't buy a car without an.MOT. It is worth checking what the seller has said in the property information form though and checking any comments made by her solicitors.

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