• Selling Leasehold Flat With Velux Window Installed Without Freeholder Consent

    By Guest on 31st Jan 2016

    I purchased maisonette 10 years ago on a leasehold basis. During this time the only communication I have had with the freeholder is to send a cheque annually for ground rent. The maisonette itself is on the top floor with one other flat below. We are the only flat with access to the loft space.

    About five years ago I had a single velux window installed into the loft space to both improve lighting/ventilation and an alternative to replacing a number of tiles that were cracked.

    Unfortunately before making this alteration I failed to refer to my lease and recently on reading noted that permission from the freeholder is required for any alterations.

    At present I want to know what options are available and which option would be best as I try to sell my property. The freeholder is unaware of the alteration and there is 91 years left on the lease

    1, Is there a form of indemnity insurance for such cases?

    2, Have the roof restored to its previous state (est £2500)

    3, Try and obtain retrospective consent from freeholder

    4,Proceed with a sale as normal making potential buyer aware and offering reduction in price to value same as cost to restore

    5, Any other options available

    Many Thanks

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    By Guest on 06/03/2016

    The best option for you as the seller is indemnity insurance - it is quick and easy to arrange and relatively inexpensive. The best option for the buyer is for you to obtain retrospective consent but this will take longer, be more expensive for you and there is a risk that the landlord will not consent. Once the work has been brought to the landlord's attention indemnity insurance cannot be obtained.

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