• Invalid Indemnity Insurance

    By Guest on 14th Jan 2016

    Seems my solicitor obtained indemnity insurance for the property we purchased (paid for by seller) for lack of building regs but the window installation was within 12 months of the policy inception date and it says on policy (which we received upon request some 3 weeks after completion)that the work had to have been completed more than 12 months previous to the inception date. Is this policy invalid and is my solicitor negligent?

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    By Guest on 14/01/2016

    Yes from.what you describe the policy is not valid. Your solicitor could be negligent but it would be foolish for anyone to offer a definitive opinion on that without the opportunity to review the file as a whole. Raise it with them. They may be able to arrange an adequate policy. If they are negligent you will probably only be entitled to compensation if you actually suffer a loss

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