• Indemnity Insurance, No Original Leasehold Copy/ No Planning Permission For Extension Built 15+ Years Ago

    By Guest on 19th Jan 2016

    We are currently in the process of buying a property however it has been bought to our attention that they cannot get a copy of the original lease as it it a leasehold property. We have been advised to take out an indemnity insurance policy to cover us on this issue. What policy will we require to cover us on this. Also an extension has been built on the back of the property some 15 plus years ago will this be an issue to us also? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou luke Bowman

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    I wouldn't too much about the extension from a legal point of view. The local authority loses its right to take enforcement action after 4 years. It could technically take action for lack of building regulations approval (if this wasn't obtained but that's unlikely. It might be wise to get it checked by a builder though.

    As for the lease, I'm assuming the Land Registry doesn't hold an official copy - if it does this is as good as the original. Otherwise you csn get a "missing lease" insurance policy, your conveyancer will have to arrange this. Insurance is generally fine as long as the property is a house or a flat in a block of no more than two flats. If the block is any bigger the missing lease might be a problem.

    Can the landlord be contacted and does he have the counterpart lease?

  • By Guest on 16/11/2017

    We are buying property which is leasehold and there has been an extension built. Our solicitor is looking into this but says we may need to take out insurance to cover in case there has been no permission by landlord for extension to be built. What cover do we need and approx. costs?

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