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    By Guest on 05th Jan 2016

    We have exchanged contacts and were asked if we wanted to gain Chancel Indemnity Insurance. We did not want this, however we are completing on Friday and have received our balance for completion. On the statement we have been charged for Chancel indemnity insurance and policy, despite not wanting it. we have asked about this, but but have now been informed that we need it as we have a mortgage. Would like to find out if we legally are required to pay for this.

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    By Guest on 07/01/2016

    The short answer is yes. There have been some recent (ish) changes to the law in respect of chancel liability which were intended to eradicate the problem but it has become clear that the legislation may fall short. Until there is a final determination by the courts (which would require someone to bring a claim against a landowner probably) your conveyancer cannot gurarantee that a property in a risk parish is free from liability and this means the lender will insist on insurance

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