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    By Guest on 14th Feb 2016

    I have already filled in a Leasehold Information Form and sent it to our solicitor.I have now been asked to pay £120 plus vat for a LPE1 form via the management company. The solicitor has all relevant information including the lease.

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    By Guest on 17/02/2016

    The LPE1 is one of the standard protocol forms used in conveyancing. It is required and there is usually a fee of anywhere between £50 and £400 or occasionally more. The management company will often have information that the buyer needs and that you don't have and in any event the information you give needs to be independently verified - believe it or not sellers sometimes lie :)

  • By Guest on 17/02/2016

    Thanks for that

  • By Guest on 17/06/2016

    What is the fee for ? Where does the management company derive its authority from if there is no assignment restrictions in the lease. What would be the effect if I refused to pay

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