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    By Guest on 14th Nov 2014

    We handled our lease extension ourselves and have been told by the Land Registry that the original leasehold registration cannot be surrendered while there is an existing consent restriction. My question is should the landlord's solicitors have withdrawn this or is it something I should do? If I need to, what evidence do I need to provide to show I have consent? Also, there was a tiny flaw in the new lease where a clause was incorrectly referenced. It should have mentioned 1(3) instead of 1(6) but the landlord's solicitors are refusing to amend without my paying for it! I've already paid for everything and don't want to pay any more when they send such a mistake-ridden lease in the first instance. Can I report them for negligence? Sorry for the questions!

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    By Guest on 06/01/2015


    As for the RX4, this will need to be signed by the landlord or its solicitors (depending on the wording of the clause). An RX4 is an application to withdraw a restriction by the beneficiary. If you want to apply to cancel it you would need an RX3 but you would have to prove the purpose of the restriction has come to an end and I'm not sure you can unless the new lease includes a new restriction in the same form.

    As for the error in the lease, you have approved their draft and completed so there may be nothing you can do but it might be worth contacting the Legal Ombudsman.

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