• How To Claim Unregistered Land

    By Guest on 14th Feb 2018

    We purchased a house which is registered with the land registry, i have the title deeds in my name , the land surrounding the house is unregistered. There are no title deeds and we do not know the owner. I applied for adverse possession that was rejected, We have only owned the house for 12 months. A neighbour owns a small outbuilding on the unregistered land. How would we claim the unregistered land. The conveyancing solicitors never informed us of the unregistered land at the time of purchase of the house. Is that a breach in conveyancing protocol?.

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    By Guest on 16/02/2018

    You will not be able to claim adverse possession as you have not been in occupation long enough, if the people who you brought the property were in possession of the unregistered land for the sufficient time then they would have been able to claim it.

    If your neighbour has a building on the land it is likely that they will have more chance in succeeding with an adverse possession claim again assuming they have been in occupation for the requisite time.

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